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Empowered Services

We are able to deploy all of the experience, product development and franchise creation capacity of our énergie portfolio to support other brands wishing to scale their proposition through franchising. 

Our most recent assignment with Europe’s largest outdoor fitness operator – BMF – enabled that company to transition from an ‘owned’ brand operation to a franchising company with over 25 new franchisees within a ten month period.  We have already embarked upon a journey to transition the younger Fitness Time company from an owned to a franchise operator. 


“We were pleased to utilise the consultancy expertise and highly developed franchising systems of the énergie group, to accelerate our ambition to become the worlds largest outdoor fitness franchise operator.”


“Having seen the scale and breadth of expertise that Empowered Brands can provide, we are confident and optimistic that the Empowered Brands team can enable us to grow our brand rapidly in a franchising environment”